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Pops Trading Cards Gives You The Power With Pops Insider

When we started Pops Trading Cards, we hoped that one day being on a card would have a significant meaning in the industry. We wanted the cards to honor the artists, but also to be an accomplishment for them. We had dreamed of a future where just being on a Pops Trading Card meant that you had truly accomplished something as an artist.

To accomplish this, we came up with a way that would allow the industry to select who should be put on the card, The Pops Insider.

On top of giving you access to news, pre-releases, digital releases and more, Pops Insider lets you nominate and vote for artists that you think belong on a card. With your nominations and votes you can also add comments to the artist’s profile, letting everyone know why you think they are a great choice.

You can purchase tokens (which we call nomination love) for nominations and votes at the pops store for only $1 each. Patreons will also receive several votes each month (depending on subscription level).

With Pops insider, you have all the power! You choose who will be on the roster! Start showing love to your favorite artists today!

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